Thursday, August 21, 2008


We had an awesome time in Canada. Val was so excited about every little thing. It was like seeing a young child on Christmas morning. Our first stop was in Sparwood, BC at the home of the World's largest truck.

We stopped in Frank Slide. The slide happened in 1903 when 74 million tonnes of limestone crashed down from the east face of Turtle Mountain. The slide killed 70 people. The highway goes right through the middle of the slide zone.

We spent a day in Waterton National Park. It was just beautiful in the park that day. Not a single whitecap on the water. Val fell in love with Waterton. She said it was God's country.

Cameron Falls was as beautiful as always. My sister in law grew up with the Falls in her backyard. I don't know how she ever left Waterton.

There was so much wildlife in the park that day. We saw buffalo, deer, and Val saw a Grizzley and her cub but I wasn't getting out of the car to take a picture of that.

After a full day in Waterton we headed back to Cardston for a Pow wow. I grew up living right across the highway from the Blood Indian reservation. I had attended a pow wow when I was young. Prince Charles was at the pow wow I went to in my youth. I wasn't impressed. I thought he was stuck up. Val and I had a blast at the pow wow. The costumes were beautiful and the dances were amazing. At one point they invited non tribal members to join them in the circle dance. Not many joined in but Val and I jumped up along with 3 mormon missionaries and we had so much fun dancing with the Natives. It was something we could cross off of our bucket list.

I entered this picture in the Grant County fair when I returned and won a blue ribbon.

The best part of the trip was being able to see friends and family. I miss my Canadian family.

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Stacie Lou said...

Looks like fun! I've only been to Canada once but I really loved it. I'm glad you got to go home for a while. Wohoo!