Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July at the ballfield

What do most people do on the fourth of July? They have a barbeque and hang out with friends and family. Well, I hung out out with my hubby at the ball field all weekend. We spent our fourth in Lewiston, Idaho....the closest place I have ever found to hell. The temperature at game time on Thursday was 107 degrees. We put up the shade tarp we have but it didn't do much since the sun had already been beating down on the asphalt for a few hours. I spent most of the game spraying myself with water and using a little fan to try to keep cool. It didn't work very well. It was just miserable. Thank heavens for a change in game times the next few days and we were able to survive the heat. Our team didn't fair very well but Chris had a great tournament. His on base percentage was ridiculously high. He had some great hits...a few extra base ones including a triple. We did manage to watch the fireworks from our hotel. We were up on a hill so we got a great view of all the city fireworks in Lewiston and Clarkston. We are happy to be home tonight and then off again for more ball tomorrow. I am excited for the season to come to an end. I am getting a bit weary. Baseball in our house lasts from March to August. We have seen a lot of games. I love every minute of watching Chris play but it does get rather exhausting traveling to all these games.


The Graham Family! said...

Hi sister Jackson!! I find this blog quite funny.. cuz my sister Tami lives in Lewiston!! I've never personally been there however! I guess sometime I should go visit and experience "hell"! haha

The Jackson Clan said...

Hey Aunti Chandra. I want to read new things about you.I can't wait to see you in august. I think we will be around about the 14th or so. Keep in touch till then.