Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bring on the Turkey

I am so excited. We have been invited over to my friend Drew's for his annual Canadian Thanksgiving celebration. Drew is one of my best friend's from highschool. He lives out on Bainbridge Island. He and Ross just bought a home out there. I will finally get to meet their girls and I'm so excited. I've seen lots of pictures but I haven't met them yet. It will be nice to meet some of Drew's other friends. I wish I was able to see Drew more often. Afterall, he only lives about three hours away....but I don't like to cross that pass in the winter and we are always so busy in spring and summer. Last fall Val and I went to the scrapbook convention and we had dinner with Drew and we got to meet Ross. Very nice guy. It will be nice to go and celebrate with friends. I haven't celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving since I went away to college.....and I'm not saying how long ago that was.....dang I'm getting old. Drew is a very good cook from what I understand so I'm looking forward to the feast. I have had some of his candy he's made at Christmas.....and he is a whiz in the kitchen. Drew is one of those blessings in my life for which I am so grateful. He has been an amazing and supportive friend. I love him dearly.


Grant Haws said...

Have fun! I was always jealous that people from Canada that lived in the US got two Thanksgivings. Canadian-Americans get to have "pre-emptive Thanksgiving" and I like that.

The Jackson Clan said...

Well I kinda did the other day only it was a desk and I fell thru a whole it that. Long story but I almost broke my leg. Sory I really didnt have much to write about except this ultra hot guy who is lds, my age, an amazing runner(like me:), and football player. To much to write about him. I would tell you his name but I am to worried he would see this. Funny I know, I wasnt worried that the other person would see that one thing on my blog:)

kevin said...

I want 2 thanksgivings--do they make turkey flavoured top ramen?