Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, twelve days post-op and just when everything looked like it was going smoothly Chris has developed an infection in his incision. He had been doing so well and we were excited about his recovery process. He was only on crutches for three days. He had weaned off the pain meds within the week. When he woke up yesterday he said it hurt more than it had....but everything looked okay. When he unwrapped his bandage lastnight he had redness and swelling. A quick trip up to see our family doctor, which happens to be Uncle Tom, and YES.....he has infection. Scott went up to fill the prescription and the power was out at our pharmacy and they weren't filling any scripts. UGH!!!! So, he brought Chris home and tried a different pharmacy. After two doses of antibiotics his knee is more red and inflamed this evening. Tom drew the outline and so far it hasn't spread any....which is good news. We will keep a close eye on it. Hopefully we caught it soon enough that it won't enter the bone. He gets his stitches out on Tues and we should know more then. He's been so good at keeping it dry and covered....just one of those things I guess. Hope it looks better soon. I didn't sleep much worried.

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The Jackson Clan said...

poor kid it sounds painfull