Monday, October 13, 2008

Family update

I'm exhausted. We had a wild week around here. So much going on. Chris went to the Homecoming dance a week ago with a girl from our ward. He had a lot of fun. He was in a large group with his friends. They arrived at the dance in a motor home and Chris thought that was 'sweet'. They had a nice steak dinner and Scott provided dessert with his delicious cheese cake. He borrowed Tyler's sunglasses that matched Kelcey's dress and he thought it was so cool.

I taught seminary for Bro. Welty on Thursday. I love teaching seminary. It always puts a smile on my face to go in and teach the youth. I always come home feeling like I have had my battery charged and I can take on the world. The youth in the Moses Lake Stake are great kids and they have such a desire to learn. It really is a great opportunity when I get to go and teach.

Carolyn has been pretty sick the last week. She has had an awful sore throat and sinus cold. She loves Brent so much and she likes to share with him so he has come down sick too. They are both very busy with their classes. They aren't working as much as they would like. Staples has really cut back on their hours. This economy is hitting everyone.
Carolyn is really enjoying her classes for her special education major. She is going to be so great at that. I know she is looking forward down the road to graduating and becoming a teacher.

The newlyweds are enjoying life as a married couple. They went on a beautiful hike up in one of the canyon's. They are both very busy with their classes. Kevin is loving his shakespeare class. I think he has really found his niche in all of these literature classes. He gets to use his gift to write and I think he enjoyes it.
Kevin ran the 5K Cougar run at BYU this weekend. He still enjoys getting out and pounding the pavement with his running shoes.
Chris has been training with the local fire department. He helped this weekend with their "fill the boot" fundraiser. We stopped to see him and we couldn't find him anywhere. Then we spotted the dog and Scott said "I'll bet you Chris is in the dog suit" Sure enough....there he was. Chris got to be Sparky for the day.

We had a very busy weekend. Scott and I ran over to Spokane on Saturday to catch my nephew's soccer game. He didn't know we were coming and he was quite surprised. Caitlyn was happy to see us arrive at the game with hot chocolate. There was a bitter cold wind and it was freezing. We spent Sunday in Bainbridge Island enjoying Canadian Thanksgiving at our friends. I've never seen so much food. It was just delicious. Turkey and ham....and more side dishes than you can count. Thank you Drew and Ross for inviting us and for your hospitality. We had such a wonderful time. Carolyn told me I was an awful blogger because I never took any pictures with Drew. Left my camera in the car....oops. I also forgot to take a picture of the cheesecake Scott made. Everyone at dinner raved about it. It was delicious.

Chris and Scott on the way to Bainbridge Island

You can see from my hair it was a tad bit windy outside on the ferry

Seattle skyline from the ferry

Headed back to Seattle after a wonderful day on the island.


Carolyn said...

Good job mom! I'm so proud of you.

Nice pictures too. And, dad looks real cute in that picture of the two of you.

kevin said...

It's true--dad looks super Harrison Ford (20 years ago, naturally) or something!

kevin said...

Is that little kid next to Dad and Topher peeing into the water?