Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome Home Elder Jackson

I am so far behind on blogging. Our lives have been jam packed with blessings and stopping to blog just hasn't happened. Today I am in bed with a terrible cold so I thought it was a good time to start catching up. Chris got homeon the 28th of Feb. He didn't get in till 8pm....so the day was very long as we waited for is arrival. We made a big sign that said "Welcome Home Elder Jackson. Hola Chris!" Of course he was one of the last ones off the plane....I think he did that on purpose. He didn't have time to call during his layovers so we just assumed he had boarded the plane. What a thrill to see him come around the corner.....skinny....but smiling. I wanted to hug him so badly but he was still in the secure area.

It's a rule. Mom's get the first hug.....and even if it isn't....I made sure that everyone knew that's how it was going to be.

I Love this picture. Such a look of complete peace and contentment on my face. After two years in a Mexican border mission having my boy home safe in my arms was the best
feeling in the world. I didn't want to let go....but many others wanted to hug him

Dad was so happy to see his boy. Scott has missed Chris so much. Those two years seemed like eternity with his buddy gone.

Grandma Carol came through the snow to be here for his arrival home. We didn't tell Chris she was coming so it was a nice surprise for him. She is the only living grandparent and it meant so much to him to have her there.

Two or chris's best buds were at the plane. Chayla, who has been his best friend since they were born. Only three weeks apart. They grew up together and were mudpie buddies at recess in elementary school. Chris was so happy to see chayla. Nicole is his buddy from highschool. She had a sign that said "Welcome Home backup." They made a pact that if they weren't married by a certain age they would be each others backup. He was so happy to see them both. A little awkward still being a missionary....but thrilled that they had come.

Nicole's dad Randy has always been someone that Chris loves. So what a surprise to have Randy there at the plane too.

Welcome Home Elder Jackson. Welcome Home. It's a sacrifice to serve a mission...not only for the missionary but for his family. We put them on a plane and pray they will return safely. Most times they do....but you just never know. So a missionary coming home is one of the sweetest blessings a parent will ever know. We have enjoyed hearing more stories about his mission. Some that I wish I'd never heard...but it makes me even more grateful for prayers said on his behalf and for the protecting angels that watch over His missionaries. Chris gave a wonderful homecoming talk. Several have said it was the best they have ever heard. Most tell of their experiences....chris told a couple....but the main part of his talk was on the Atonement....and Repentence and it was moving and powerful. Our boy that we sent to Mexico had come home a man that was still our same goofy Chris....but a lot more Christlike and humble. He had a wonderful mission. He had experiences that changed his life. He saw miracles....took part in miracles....and he spent two years loving the people of Sonora and bringing many souls unto Christ. Thanks Chris for your dedicated service. We know that you miss your new friends and family in Mexico and your heart aches to be with them again....but we are so happy to have you home again.

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Lyle and Mary: said...

Glad your boy made it home! You have had a busy couple of months.
I have a cold too. We should cough on the phone together and play catch-up.