Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tomorrow is the Mariners Opening Day. I wait for five long months for baseball season to arrive. I LOVE BASEBALL. I think I inherited my love for baseball from my father. I grew up watching the Yankess play the Dodgers. Back in the day I was my daddy's little girl and I was a huge Yankee fan like my dad. He'd been to a game in Yankee stadium with his grandfather and he saw Mickey Mantle play. Oh....those were the days. They had some great ones. I grew up in a divided house. My dad loved his Yankees and my mom loved her Dodgers. I really should have loved the Dodgers. My mom was pregnant with me and they went to a Dodger game and she went into labor. She told my dad she needed to go but he didn't want to leave the stadium. The great Sandy Coufax was pitching. I'm really surprised I didn't get named Sandy. Well, I moved to the pacific northwest after I got married and we went to a Marniners game and I was hooked. I've loved them ever since. I watch as many games as I can each season. Love going to see them live. Nothing better than an afternoon game with the roof open at Safeco Field and the smell of the garlic fries and the crack of a bat. Let's go Mariners.....beat Yankees.


Carolyn said...

Mariners SUCK!!! :D

melanie said...

Such harsh comments from Carolyn. You wont be proud of me when I say I'm only a fair weather fan. Let me know if they're any good this year, ha!