Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was awakened from a dead sleep this morning by the ringing of the phone. Bro. Earl wanted to speak to Chris. I, being the wonderful mother that I am, said "He is sound asleep. He's exhausted from yesterday's games. What do you need?" He said "Well, the priests need to shovel the walks at the church if it snowed and I don't know if you know that it did." Are you kidding me? Not just a little snow....but sometime after retiring to bed lastnight the snow began to fall. On Friday it started snowing like crazy and for the first time in Moses Lake high school baseball history a game was called due to quit snowing shortly after but the fields were pretty wet. This morning's snow is another story. It is almost april. Now, I know that if you live in the mountains and you get to enjoy the magnificant beauty of those Rockies then snow in spring is something you've learned to deal with. Afterall, I did grow up in Southern Alberta and I've seen snow in every month but August. However, I don't get to see the mountains. I live in the middle of the Columbia Basin. We are in a desert. Not a lot of majestic beauty around here unless you really like tumble weeds. So, when it snows in spring I get a little ticked. I have to admit though that it is just beautiful out there this morning. The trees are covered and it is like a Christmas card.....except it is SPRING. Opening day for the Mariners tomorrow. What is going on? Enough all ready. Oh.....and I did wake Chris up and have him go shovel.

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melanie said...

S.P.R.I.N.G! NOW!!!