Monday, March 31, 2008

I really miss my dad today. Opening day of baseball season. I would have called to talk to him about the games....especially if his Yankees lost. I loved rubbing that in. I'm on my way to Chris's varsity double header. We went to Pasco this weekend and he had great games. He drove in seven runs and he was the starting pitcher for the second game. He pitched through five innings. He pitched a really great game. His off speed and curve balls were really on. My dad would have loved to watch Chris play ball. I feel bad that he has missed all of that. I told Scott on the way home how much my dad would have loved to see him play those two games....Scott said "He did." I sure hope so. is opening day and if the Yankees win it is only because they have angels in their outfield. I miss you dad.


Carolyn said...

Oh good ole Bogey Man. Always rooting for the wrong team...but, so do you. The M's suck! :D

melanie said...

Great post Chandra! So you've always been the kind to 'rub it in'? Good to know.