Thursday, November 5, 2009

This one's for you dad! have to give the Yankees props. They finally earned all that outrageous amount of money they are paid. I hated to see them win.....but win they did. I must say that Matsui was incredible lastnight and well deserved the MVP. Isn't it ironic though that the MVP of the world series is now unemployed? I guess he just increased his bargaining chip. Might be too rich....even for the Yankees. I am always sad when the last pitch crosses the plate.....and baseball goes silent for a few months. Lastnight when the final out was made Scott looked at me and said "Are you crying?" He knew how badly I was pulling for the Phillies....but he couldn't believe I had tears when it was over. Those tears kind of caught me off guard....I wasn't expecting them. I was furious that the team that I love to hate all year had just won the World Series.....but as the celebration began and the team started jumping up and down and hugging one another my mind was flooded with thoughts of my dad and how much he would have loved to have seen his Yankees win again. You dad loved those boys in pinstripes as much or more than I hate them. He would have been thrilled lastnight.....and my phone would have been ringing for him to tease me about it....and it was all just a little overwhelming. My phone did ring....and his name was Ted King....but it was my little brother....and he filled in for my dad....teasing me and harrassing me....because his a huge Yankees fan. So the bats are quiet and the stadiums are empty but I look forward to opening day next spring.....where once again I will be cheering for my Mariners and also for anyone that is playing the Yankees.

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Grant Haws said...

Stacie and I were talking last night about how we love that you and Kevin and the rest of the Jacksons love your baseball so much. And I love that when I asked Kevin if he was going to call you after the Yankees won, he told me that he already tried and you weren't answering him. Oh, goodness, ya'll are funny.