Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Time

Happy Birthday Babe. Today is my sweethearts 48th birthday. I can say how old he is....because he's a guy....and they don't really care about things like that. Scott is not only a great husband and my best friend....but he's such great father to our children. They each of some of his qualities and I'm so happy about that. Scott is the perfect balance to my high strung personality. He is gentle and laid back....and sometimes he just sits back and laughs when I get overly excited during a sporting event. He is the calming influence that I need in my life. I'm so blessed I get to go through life with him. Happy Birthday Babe! I love you so much.

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Carolyn said...

Happy birthday to Poppa! But, why did Chris get to be in the birthday post with dad? He isn't even in the same country.