Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July message

We had a really nice ward breakfast for the 4th of July. The missionaries put on dinner and the Obershaw's were busy cooking and everything tasted really great. We had pancakes, sausauge, biscuits and gravy, hasbrowns. The Scouts raised the flag and we sang patriotic songs....but the best part of the morning was when each of the veterans that were there from our ward stood and said which branch of the armed forces they served in and where and for how long. Bro. Johnson came and he was wearing his two purple hearts. After they were all finished the bishop stood and thanked them for their service and he asked all the young kids to go around and shake hands with these heroic men who served their country. It was cute to see the Signorelli kids come up and shake Scott's hand and tell him thanks for serving. I went around and shook hands with most of them and thanked them. I have always been very proud of Scott for giving service to his country. He served during peace time...and I am very grateful for that....but I know that he would have gladly served during war if he was called up. I grateful to the veterans of the past and very grateful for those that serve and abroad. They are always in my prayers. May God Bless our veterans and bless the families of those that have their men and women serving away from home. Thank you Scott! I love you babe.

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