Friday, July 29, 2011

Double the Pleasure!

I have been waiting to blog about this for several weeks. Carolyn and Brent are expecting....and if that wasn't already enough to bring us tremendous joy.....Kevin and Stacie are expecting four weeks later. That's right folks. These precious little ones are due four weeks apart. Scott and I are elated with the thought of being grandparents. We can't wait for these precious little souls to arrive in our family. We are so blessed. Carolyn and Brent had not told Chris yet...and he emailed his sister one day and said "Time would pass really fast if you got pregnant right now and had a baby right when I came home....I wonder where mom would be. He put money on the baby" Ha ha. Carolyn thought I'd squealed to him.....but I hadn't said a word. He was so excited to get the news that not only would he become an uncle....but twice before he got home. I thought it would make him pretty trunky the last six weeks of him mission and he would be anxious to get back. Instead he said "Oh well....babies are ugly at the beginning....when I get to see them they will be cute." That's my boy. He's always thinking. We have been empty nesters for awhile now...and we are so looking forward to this new phase of our lives. Wish the kids didn't live so far away....but that just means more trips to Provo and Albuquerque. We pray daily for Carolyn and Stacie...and for those precious ones they are so happily carrying. If that wasn't enough excitement for one grandma to handle.....Chris gets home from Mexico two weeks after Kevin and Stacie's baby is due....and then we will pile in the car and make the trek to Utah and New Mexico so that Uncle Chris can be introduced to the newest members of the Jackson family.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! This IS exciting news. I'm so happy for all 7 of you.