Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If I wasn't getting old I would do backflips. Carolyn had an interview with the special education department at BYU on Friday. She was told that she would hear back from them in a couple of weeks. She just called and read her acceptance letter to me. She sounded so happy. I'm so proud of her. She will be an awesome special ed teacher. She has such a love for little children and especially those with special needs. She put in over 100 hours of service with the local special olympics here in Moses Lake. Those kids just loved her. This is a perfect fit for her. I have no doubt that she will be awesome.


Carolyn said...

Hey, I thought you said that you DID do backflips? Haha. I'm so excited Mom!!!

Mike and Lisa said...

Is this THE Chandra Jackson? Who knew that you'd have a blog!? I keep trying to talk my mom into starting one too. Maybe after finding out that you have one she may do it. Here's Mike and I's blog if you want to visit! mikeandlisagleue.blogspot.com