Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today was not the mother's day that I expected it would be. I imagined that my college kids would be home for the summer and the house would be full. I was a little blue this morning when I awoke to a quiet house. Scott was at highcouncil meeting and Chris was sound asleep. I didn't hear Carolyn squealing as Chris would leap on her bed to awaken her. I didn't hear Kevin playing the hymns on a Sunday morning filling our home with music. I spent the afternoon at church. The primary kids sang a medley and I was a bit sad I didn't have any kids that age to sing to me. I was pleasantly surprised when the young men and young women stood to sing Love at Home in English and Spanish. The mothers received a beautiful gift this year. I normally get a plant that is dead before the end of the month. This year we were given a CD of beautiful music. I think it's safe and I can't kill that. Chris gave me a really neat gift. He made me a coaster with a picture of the two of us in it. He also gave me a digital key chain that I'm very excited about. Can't wait to load pictures of my kids on it. Kevin and Carolyn both called and we had a nice visit. After talking to each of them I wasn't blue any longer. I was filled with joy at their happiness. Carolyn and Brent are so happy together and their home is filled with laughter. Kevin is at such peace as he talks of his upcoming wedding to his beautiful fiance. Stacie is a wonderful girl and we are so happy that she will soon be part of the Jackson clan. I felt such peace today as I realized that I had done just as I was supposed to do. I had loved them and taught them and then I gave them their wings to fly on their own.....and what a wonderful job they are doing. They have made great choices and they are so happy. I LOVE BEING A MOM. It brings so much joy to my life. I miss them dearly.....but I'm thankful for their new adventures as they begin their lives with their spouses.
I had a nice visit with my mom today. She has taught me so much. When people tell me what a good mom I am I have to say it is because I had a very good teacher. Thanks mom.

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Lyle and Mary: said...

Ahh, Cha Cha your such a sap on Mommies day. Once Chris gets his "wings" you will realize you get some as well, and you'll learn to enjoy the freedom, and you'll always have your kids.