Saturday, May 3, 2008

Three Way Tie

The chiefs ended their regular season in a tie for second place with Davis and Wenatchee. That is going to force a playoff. We were the only team to beat number one Richland so we get to wait and watch Davis play Wenatchee and we will play the winner on Tues. It would be nice to win that game. It would mean a bye for the first game of playoffs and put us into the double elimination round. It would also give us home field advantage for the first play off game. Today is my first Saturday without a game in weeks and also the first Saturday without a game in the weeks ahead. Since Tues. Chris had four varisty games and he went down and pitched a game for JV and played one in the outfield. So, I have spent 17 hours at the ball fields in the last four days. No wonder I'm exhausted. I will take a big deep breath and get ready for summer ball. It starts the day after we finish with playoffs. Chris has had a great week with ball. He hit two triples on Wed. Had a nice hit in last nights varsity game and he pitched a full game on Wed. night getting a 7-1 win. His arm is really sore. He went straight to play the next game so he didn't put ice on his arm until after the double header. I'm glad he has a day off today. We could all use the rest.

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