Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep this morning when I heard this horrible screech. I was sure it was Chris making some kind of weird obnoxious noise because he is always doing something like that. I yelled from the bedroom "Knock it off Chris. I'm trying to sleep." About three minutes passed and I heard it again. Okay....wasn't funny now and I was going to go out there and tell Chris I meant business. I heard the shower running and realized the noise couldn't have come from Chris. "Screeeeeeeech" I heard it again. I looked out the kitchen window and there was the most beautiful peacock. I rushed to get my camera. It started to run out of the yard as soon as it saw me but I managed to get a few pictures. I was screeching back at it trying to get it to raise it's tailfeathers. I was probably quite a sight out there in my robe screeching. Chris really laughed when he got out of the shower and I told him I was mad about all his screeching. I'm sure tomorrow morning Chris will be right outside my door trying to mimick the peacock screech thinking he'll be able to get away with it.


Carolyn said...

I still get the funniest picture in my head when I think of you screeching. I'm going to tell Brent right now in fact.

Carolyn said...

And he laughed quite hard.

Carolyn said...

I also told dad he needed to hear the rest of the story since you didn't tell him you were screeching at it.