Friday, May 30, 2008

Mole Day

I have to admit....I hate mole day. Never really understood the point of making a dumb mole for chemistry class this late in the year. It's just busy work. Well, Chris's whole weekend is taken up so we knew we had to get that mole done lastnight. Staying up till 11pm making a dumb mole was a little annoying but we actually really had fun together. Chris really seemed to like sewing. Chris said he wanted to make a different one every day this wasn't that much fun.....seriously. So, he has the finished project but when he left for school this morning he hadn't decided if he was naming it Chief "Mole"ses.......or Geroni"Mole" Oh......and school is almost out for summer!!!!!!!!! Thank heavens for that. Remind me I said that in Aug. when I am counting down the days for school to begin.

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andreawinn1 said...

haha, making moles in chemistry? That is really hilarious. I wish my chemistry teacher would have done that! Also, I hear it was your birthday and anniversary yesterday, happy birthday and anniversary! :)