Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Most people think of April 15th as the dreaded income tax deadline. At our house we celebrate that day with cake and ice cream.....not only because we didn't procrastinate on filing our taxes but because it is Scott's birthday. Scott turns 45 years old today. Happy Birthday Babe.

Tomorrow is Scott's mothers birthday. I miss her dearly. She was a wonderful woman. I'll never forget when she used to tell me about the night she had Scott. The doctor came into the room and said "Melba, if we wait just a couple of hours you can have this baby on your birthday." Melba snapped back. "I want to have this baby NOW." Obviously her doctor was a man or that the idea of waiting a couple of hours wouldn't have been proposed.


Carolyn said...

Oh...dad looks so cute.

melanie said...

At least someone else has a dreaded birthday! I get sick of people saying my birthday stinks. Happy Birthday Scott! 45 is YOUNG!!!