Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I miss you dad

Kim gave us this tree after my dad passed away. It blooms each spring right around the date that he passed. Today it has been 10 years since dad's been gone. The tree out my front window is in full bloom and it is a beautiful reminder that my dad's spirit lives on. I can't believe that ten years have gone by. So many things have happened in our lives these past ten years. I often think about the many things that dad has missed.....science olympiad, dance, baseball, track, mission, college, engagements, weddings......but then I think that he probably has had the best seat of all. I'm sure he watches over us and has been right there with us as we celebrate these events in our life. I miss him terribly. I love you dad.


Carolyn said...

Mom, that is a really good picture. I'm impressed! And, Bogey man is probably watching everything, taking it all in, I'm sure!

melanie said...

I love your sweet side. Even thought it hides, ha ha! Gorgeous blooms!

Lyle and Mary: said...

wow 10 years...where does the time go I think for your dad that is only about 10 minutes. We really miss Lyle's mom, I guess that feeling never goes away, until we get reunited.