Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Flowers

It is just beautiful today. Hard to believe that five days ago we had a snow storm and four days ago I almost froze to death at Chris's double header. The thermometer finally reached the magic number of 60 degrees. I went on a walk and it was so nice to hear birds chirping and see the spring flowers that are beginning to bloom. Just outside my bedroom window is a bunch of daffodils that have just started blooming. It really gave me spring fever today to see them. This morning there was a huge meadowlark out on a pole in the backyard. It stayed there for quite a few minutes and it was really singing. I love spring. My favorite season of the year. I love watching everything as it comes back to life after a long cold winter.

I also saw this beautiful US flag waving in the breeze today. I'm so thankful for the soldiers that have given of their service to protect this country. I'm proud that my father in law and my husband are veterans. I pray for the service men and women that are overseas right now. I pray for their safety and I pray that their families will be watched over and protected while they are away.

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