Monday, April 14, 2008

I hope they call me on a mission

Chris needed to take out the missionaries tonight. He got all ready to leave and he was wearing a dark suit and he had his Preach my Gospel manual and as he reached for the door it hit less than two years some other young man will be taking out my boy who will be serving a mission. I said "Chris, do you know that in less than two years you'll be in the mission field?" He smiled and said "Hard to believe isn't it?" Chris has grown so much this past year both physically and mentally. He has become a young man. He has such broad shoulders now. He loves to wrestle with his dad and Scott says he is so strong. He is the class president in seminary and he is the first assistant to the bishop in his priests quorm. I'm thankful for these opportunites he has to serve in these next two years as he prepares for a mission. He has such a wonderful and magnetic personality. I know he'll be a great missionary. There is a little hispanic boy in the branch that always follows Chris everywhere. Yesterday he said to him "Why haven't you left yet?" Chris was puzzled and Riggo said "Aren't you a missionary?" So, I guess I'm not the only one that thinks he looks like a missionary in his dark suit. I shed a couple tears as he left tonight. We don't have much time left with him and I cherish each moment that we do have. I'm so thankful that the Lord sent him into our lives. He has been an absolute joy.
I'm thankful for the opportunity that Kevin had to serve a mission in Brazil. He had many life changing experiences. He loved the people he served and he loved teaching them about Jesus Christ. He met some of the most loving and humble people he had ever known. I look forward to Chris being able to have similar experiences.


Carolyn said...

Yeah right mom, you are so excited to be an empty nester! Then you will have grandbabies to play with and entertain. You won't even know Chris is gone. :D Actually, I was thinking, maybe he will be called to Provo, and he can still be the favortie uncle even when he's on his mission.

melanie said...

I second Carolyn. You'll have grandbabies and almost forget Chris exists between emails. J/K Chris!